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What It All Comes Down To

Life is crazy. Life is interesting. We all spend our lives going 90 miles per hour to get here or to get there, to get this done or to get that done. We never slow down. We have to make that extra dollar. We have to impress that certain person. We have to live up to a certain person's standards and not disappoint. We often feel we can never express our own opinion's in fear of offending someone and creating an enemy. I have learned to take in every experience. Although, I too, go 90 miles per hour and wish I did not require sleep, I am learning to appreciate the small things in life. A cup of coffee. Listening to the birds. Talking to God. A drive in my car with no where to go (which is hardly ever!).

Life is too short. I challenge you to take some time for yourself. As I will take the challenge and do the same. Say thank you. Pay it forward. Make someone's day. Kindness is not gone in this world, it is just harder to find sometimes. Be the very best version of you that you can possibly be and bring out the goodness in someone else. Sometimes all it takes is a compliment to change someone's entire day around. Appreciate the little things. Love a lot! What it all comes down you. Be You. Love You. Take time for YOU. Chase your Dreams!

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