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Time Stops For No One

Do you ever stop and think about what marks our time here? Time is a funny thing once you really sit down and think about it. God created our life before our life was born. He created our Earthly departure date before we were born. Isn't that crazy to think about? I heard a saying once that said "You have a birth date and and an ending date on your headstone....The dash equals the time in between and what you choose to do with it is up to you."

Stop and think about that for a moment. What you do on a daily basis is entirely up to you. I hope you choose positive choices. I hope you choose healthy choices. I hope you choose things that are not only going to improve the person you are, but encourage the people around you to want to improve themselves as well. I take this challenge on myself and always try to spread positivity in a world of despair. The world can be a scary place. People can be scary. But the world can also be a magical, amazing ride. Try to find the magical, amazing part of life, instead of the depressing, outrageous acts that we are constantly seeing on the news. It is okay to be sad but at the same time you have to dig down deep and live your life to the fullest, while coping with loss or tragedy. I have had my fair share in this life and I struggle as well, but I know that I was meant to LIVE, not just simply be here, so that is where I find my solace.

Through the happiness, sadness, anger, desperation and excitement, time does not stop for any of it. As much as we wish to freeze time sometimes, it just simply keeps going. Cherish your memories through the time that you have here. Take pictures, write journals, spend time with the ones you love and enjoy this life you were given. You are special. You were chosen to be YOU. You are unique and like no other. Don't let the fast paced life and time stop you from doing everything you were destined to do in this life! <3

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