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What's Stopping You?

If you haven't already, one of these days you are going to have a wake-up call! One that sets you in with reality. One that makes you question your existance and makes you ponder upon life and its many choices. One that makes you wonder if you are living life to its fullest. One that makes you wonder if you are following the path God has lined out for you or if you are always just taking that shortcut for simplicity. The easy path always sounds the most appealing, right? Well yes, but is that going to get you a fulfilled happy life or just a routine set, nothing out of the ordinary one? Be an over achiever. The world already offers a ton of under achievers, as I am sure you have already noticed.

Start setting goals for yourself. It can be short term or long term. Just start living. If you do not do a New Year's Resolution, start one. What? Did I just say New Years Resolution? But that is supposed to start on January what you are thinking, right? Well, why not make it a "Better Life Resolution" that can start anytime, any month, any day or any minute. Why do we have to just start bettering ourselves at the beginning of each year to gradually let go of those hopes and dreams by week 2 or 3 of the New Year? We shouldn't! It should be anytime the feeling overtakes us! Anytime we dream of doing something new and fun! I read an article the other day that stated: "Doing something for 60 days in a row creates a habit." Why not try to stick to your goal for at least 60 days and turn it into a habit. If it is a habit, you'll be more likely to obtain successful results and stick to it!

Now down to the part that stops us. Everyone's reasons are different. Stop for a moment and think about why you have stopped doing what you love or have never started what you have always wanted to do with your life, or even just a goal you wanted to complete. What was the first thing that popped into your head? New career choice, obstacle to overcome, degree to obtain, new adventure to explore? The possibilities are endless!

Possible reasons that might stop you:

*Ourselves - We are most of the time our biggest critic and the hardest on ourselves. We talk ourselves out of doing things because of fear of failure, too much work, or what others might think.

*Other People - We often let others influence our own lives a little too much. We worry too much about what they will say or think. When in reality, we do not need to make these people happy in life, we just need to make ourselves happy.

*The Haters - These are the people who are afraid you will succeed. They never had the ambition to acheive their own hopes and dreams in life and are jealous of the ones who strive for success and step outside the box. They will often try to sabatoge your goals, smack talk, ignore your existance, or talk you down - just for the purpose of making themselves feel better. These are the people or peers you do not listen to or even need in your life. If that is what makes them feel worthy and high and mighty in life, we should be the ones feeling sorry for them!

*Any Other Reason - Anything that comes to mind that might pull you towards stepping down from your goal. Try not to allow these things into your life. They will only bring you down and keep you from achieving success. Always remember life is short, so do something to put down in the book of your life that others can look back on and say "cool!" to!

I strive to be positive person. I tend to do a good job of shrugging the haters off, but I am human, so I sometimes slip and ask myself, Why? Why me? When there are so many other people out there pushing for awesome, sucessful lives, why do you single me out? Once I start to run those thoughts through my head, I stop dead in my tracks. I am not the only one and there are so many other people in my exact same shoes. This is exactly what the haters want me to do. They want me to question everything. So, I just stop. If I look into it or ponder upon it, I am letting them win. I will never let them win and you shouldn't either.

My passion for my musical journey in life is stronger than any person's opinion. I want your passion in life to be stronger than those people or things as well! I believe in you. Sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in another person to give them the confidence they need to move forward. If you cannot think of someone to encourage you, think of me. I believe you can achieve great things in this life. I believe you can make a positive difference. I believe you can live the life you imagined. Thank the heavenly Father above for this life you have been given and start living it! Oh, and be that encourager for someone else too. You could change their life!

I hoped to have just breathed some inspiration into your life if you were thinking about quitting or not starting a goal. I hope now when someone asks you "What's stopping you?" You can say - NOTHING! And be the best and most successful you that you can possibly be! Dream big! Achieve greatness! Encourage others. Be a Go-Getter! Make the haters sink in their shoes! Oh, and write it all down so when you're can remember all you achieved! :)

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