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One Day.

One Day. That is all it takes for our lives to be drastically changed. That is all it takes for our world to be flipped upside down. "One Day" comes when we least expect it. Life does not always go the way we want it to or how we expect it to go. When everything is going smoothly, that is when that "One Day" creeps up on us to try and tear us down, shatter our hearts and leave us hopeless.

My "One Day" happened just a week ago from today. Although it is not my first "One Day" and it sadly will not be my last, it is the one that has the most effect on me at the present time. The day before my "one day" was a happy one. I did my new usual routine, that started nearly 2 weeks before, of going to Springfield, Missouri to see Grandpa at the hospital. He was full of life and chipper on that Wednesday. He was happy and laughing. We shared laughs, stories and a good time. Then that dreaded phone call came at around 5 AM on Thursday, March 17, 2016 and created my most present "One Day". Grandpa did not make it through the night. My heart was immediately shattered. Not that it hasn't been this way before with my Grandma and my other Grandpa, but each time it happens is a whole new feeling and each person creates a new type of heartbreak feeling.

Each person touches your heart in different ways. I feel that my Grandpa, Art, and I really bonded this past 14 months after one of my previous "One Days" when Grandma decided to join heaven, also unexpectedly. Grandpa lost a part of him that day and I always tried to fill part of that missing void and create happiness in his life again. I tried to be there with him as much as possible and I really feel I learned more about him in this past 14 months than I have in 25 years total. He told me a lot of stories. He taught me a lot of things. When he was having bad days with either missing Grandma or health problems, I would do my best to be my goofy self and try to cheer him up or make him feel better.

Although he was in a lot of pain these past few months with various health problems, I never felt his health was unstable. He was a fighter. He was an overcomer. He was one of the strongest people I have ever met. So, you can imagine how I felt when my mother gave me the dreaded news. Complete shock overcame me and I still have many lingering questions that I will never understand, but the most important ones are: "Why? Why so soon? Why now when so many people need this man around?" Those questions I guess will have to be saved for another time. God is the only one who can truly answers those "Whys" and although I do not understand, I do understand that God is always there, always listening and always has a plan. So, although I am bitter that he is not physically here with me anymore, I am happy that he has reunited with the love of his life, Grandma Alice again. As my little niece, Maci, has told me, “Kammer, Grandpa is happy now. He is with Grandma and they are having a party. “ So this 25 year old will take the advice of a 5 year old and trust that he is up in the sky having a ball!

If this has taught me anything, which I have already learned with 2 previous grandparents and several loved ones, it is to truly appreciate the ones you love and have in life. Spend as much time with them as possible because someone else's "One Day" could be at any given moment. God does not promise us or our loved ones another minute on Earth. He blesses it to us. Be thankful for every day that you wake up alive and thankful for the loved ones that wake up each morning as well. Live life as much as possible. We are not on this Earth for very long. So, make the most of it! I know that I am sure going to.

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