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A Simple Compliment Can Go A Long Way!

You are beautiful! You are really good at that! You are great at your job! You shine up on stage! You are an excellent cook! You can really draw! I love that top on you! Your organization skills are over the top! You're an awesome teacher! You're a super good parent! How would a fitting compliment for what you are good at make you feel if you received it? I would think pretty darn good! I don't know about you, but reading those nice words above made me smile and feel more positive and they weren't even to me.

Yes, the world can be a place of havoc. But it can also be a beautiful place full of dreams, exploring and happiness. As a songwriter, all of the recent tragedies have opened up my creative mind to try to figure out how to bring more happiness to the world and how to make people smile. Though we cannot stop all tragedy, we can try to cut down the amount of negativity that happens.

I read a quote this morning that was very fitting to the world today. "How you make others feel says a lot about you!" I sat and thought about this quote for a little while. Deciphered it, broke it down and it really is as simple as it sounds. We are constantly stuck in our own worlds that we forget to make other people feel good or special. Everyone has their own special talent, trait or skill that they are amazing at and were born with. Let them know that you think it is cool. Or maybe it is someone that you bump into on the street or in a store and they have on some killer shoes or a really cute hair style. Let them know. Sometimes the simplest compliment can change a person's day around. It could change that one bad decision thats been weighing on their mind. Or it could even pull them from heading down the road of destruction or depression and feeling like no one cares. You could be the one person with the nice compliment that makes a difference in a person's life and their choices.

My blog today is short, sweet and well, straight to the point. A simple compliment can go a long way. So today, I challenge you to go out and give someone a compliment. Whether it is someone you know or not, help be the change you want to see in the world by making a positive difference through kindness. Magnify people on their strengths instead of living in a world that feeds off of other's weaknesses!

Alright, now what are you doing still reading this? Go compliment someone! It not only makes them feel good but the feeling it can give yourself is pretty good too! <3

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